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by Omved August 01 2013

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Honestly I don't know what is up with my skin these days. Why all of a sudden it has decided to be dry over the usual combination type. But I know it is a phase for it and it is still deciding which way it wants to swing and one of these days will do a complete 180 on me :P But on the positive side I get to test out products for all the people who have dry skin problems. I was sent this product by the company after they asked me some questions about my skin concerns. This came at the perfect time for me.

"The cream has a light scent to it which has light floral tones but the base tone has a nutty/oil like smell to it. The texture is like a thick moisturizer as opposed to a proper cream. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling properly hydrated. If your skin feels really dry and you get that tugging stretchy feeling then this will really help to make your skin feel comfortable."

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