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by Omved August 10 2013

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The gel comes in a very simple packaging - you open the lid and dip in your finger to take the product out. The gel is clear transparent. I couldn't even photograph it. It is of a consistency that looks thick but spreads easily under eye.

I apply it every night after cleansing my face. On application, the under eye area becomes warm. It's such a relaxing warmth, takes away all the stress of the day. I sometimes re-apply right when I lay down on bed just to fall asleep faster.

It definitely reduces dark circles and the ill-looking skin under eye. I have major dark circles and after having used half a dozen products that didn't work, this has been a total winner. It makes the skin supple and healthy. The eye bags have also dissapeared to a great extent.

I will definitely re-purchase this baby. Though it needs regular usage, it is worth the price as it does what it claims to do.

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