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by Omved December 02 2013

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Omved Balancing Toner Review

I have been using this product on and off for a long time now and had nothing great to point out about it, but this past 15 days that I have been using it regularly I have noticed great improvement in my skin and hence this review after so long. I had normal skin through out my teen age until I changed my city to join my first job at the age of 22. The change of locality, environment and lifestyle changed my skin type to combination and I got quite comfortable with my skin when the major change happened again. Yes I relocated to a dry area for the first time of my life and my skin reacted badly. Sometimes it would get horribly dry and sometimes it would act normal. My skin was totally confused with my excessive travelling. Thankfully, not to confuse my skin again, the next relocation was to a dry area. Phewww! And now I think my skin is getting used to the dryness in the air.

This whole time I myself was so confused about the products to use on my skin that I completely stopped using anything for a week to give my skin some rest. And this is the only product that I used to quench my skin's thirst and hydrate it from within.

The effect?

  • less dryness around my cheek area
  • tightened pores
  • reduction in break out
  • and a healthy glow.

It smells of fresh herbs infused in rose water. I like herbal fragrances so I enjoy those spritzes every morning and evening. if you don't then not to worry as this evaporates in a minute along with the toner.  It immediately calms my skin and refreshes me in the morning. Since I had stopped using anything on my face I had that stretchy feel on the skin post wash but with this, the post wash dryness goes away to give me soft, supple and hydrated skin.

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